Review: “The Crown”

“The Crown” by Kiera Cass

HarperTeen, 279 pages, $19.99, 2016, Goodreads


Kiera Cass brings her “Selection Series” to an end in the fifth and final book, which centers around Queen America, the heroine of the first three books, and King Maxon’s heir  Princess Eadlyn Schreave. Though, despite a less than welcome reception by fans in “The Heir,” the first book which features Eadlyn as the main character, it seems that Cass and the character redeems themselves, and it’s for more reasons than the fact she chooses the fan favorite to marry at the conclusion of her Selection. Since I’m a good reviewer I will not spoil that for you, you must read and see.

Cass does an accurate job of painting the picture of a young girl torn between duty and her personal wants and, dare I say it, needs. Let’s be real, sometimes those who are in a position of power very rarely are able to meet their own needs without neglecting their people. However, by making everything tie together into a pretty corset bow in the end, I believe readers will leave happy and satisfied that the balance between self and service is found.

For those who are a fan of the beautiful dresses and romance the novel does not disappoint as Cass describes in perfect prose Eadlyn’s attire and romantic trysts, or lack thereof. The plot is somewhat overdone by the fifth book, so there is very little here to hold interest, but for those who enjoy a simple story of love and the struggle of person vs. themselves the book will hold true for you. I do have to admit that I did find myself routing for a certain suitor by the end, and if Cass can make a not so girly girl like me become ensnared by the end then she has done the impossible.

There are cute moments of relationships forging, and Cass does truly capture the pure awkwardness of dating, not only in adolescence, but dating in a Bachelor-like environment, plus the awkwardness of dating in general. For the closing of a series, this book does nicely to bring everything together, and even though Eadlyn repulsed fans in her debut, I believe she has won hearts over paralleling her journey of winning the people of Illea over within the story.

I totally recommend this book for young girls who not only love their pretty dresses, but who want to know that a woman can be something more than a beauty. Eadlyn is a main character that takes her duty seriously, but maybe too seriously and therefore has to learn to also take care of herself. She’s a great example of balance and I think young girls could definitely learn from her. As always, Cass is eerily accurate in depicting adolescent girls as real and three dimensional, giving them voice and solid footing.

If you want to catch more of Kiera Cass, her novel “The Siren” is out now. To read my review of the first four novels of the “Selection Series” click here. You can also follow her on Twitter at @kieracass or on Instagram @partylikeawordstar.

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