Confessions of Adult YA Readers

As an almost 25 year old woman (my birthday is on Friday!) a lot of people ask me why I 1.) read young adult fiction and 2.) why I blog about young adult fiction. The answer for me is easy: I find books that are geared toward teens to be a bit more exciting and original without being as heavy in terms of exploring the human condition.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe young adult books are multifaceted; they can have a multitude of layers and address themes that are relative to today’s culture and that aren’t always easy to talk about. But the way that YA authors go about touching on those themes allows the reader to join a process of absorbing the issues through characters who are relateable to young readers. Sometimes an adult needs to be taken through that process of understanding too, and there is nothing wrong with admitting that.


Buzzfeed recently published an article entitled “13 Confessions Only People Who Read YA Book Will Understand,” where they collected confessions through the Whisper App and picked the ones that best help others understand the appeal of YA fiction. Take a peek and see if any of those confessions speak to you. If you have your own confession post them in the comments section. There is no shame in reading YA fiction, and this article can totally help others realize that.

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