Book Review: “A Crown of Wishes”

“A Crown of Wishes” by Roshani Chokshi

St. Martin’s Griffin, 400 pages, $18.99, March 2017, Goodreads


This book is the sequel to “The Star-Touched Queen,” which I reviewed. You can read that review here.

The first words that come to my mind when reading and reviewing this book is wowza! magical! magnificent! gorgeous! (Yes, all with the exclamation point because that’s how really amazing this book was.)

Roshani Chokshi sequel to “The Star-Touched Queen,” “A Crown of Wishes,” follows Gauri, the princess of Bharata, and Virkam, the prince of Ujijan, as they both enter into a competition to win a wish from the Lord of Wealth. With each of them hoping to use their wishes to regain their kingdoms, Gauri and Vikram learn that there is more than one way to gain their rules.

First off, just like its predecessor, this book is beautifully written. Chokshi uses words like stardust to sprinkle life into her tale. The way her prose falls on the page is effortless and makes the reading enjoyable.

The plot reminds me of “Caraval” by Stephanie Garber, but with an Indian folklore twist. The pacing is great as the tale begins with how the two main characters find their way to Alaka for the Tournament of Wishes and then proceeds with the action of the competition itself. The romantic story line fits snugly within the pages of the main plot and doesn’t take away from the story but adds a new layer of great depth.

The characters are complex and well rounded. They have flaws, they’re gritty and they’re relatable. You can’t help, but fall in love with them and root for them, while simultaneously wishing some would just magically disappear. Gauri is a kickass heroine and Vikram is a charming hero. But what I like about this is that though there are two main characters, the only character in which Chokshi writes in first person for is Gauri. When she switches over to Vikram for part of the chapter it is told in third person, thus allowing Gauri to shine like the bright jewel she is without being overshadowed by Vikram’s experience.

I highly recommend this book for any one who enjoys Indian mythology, adventure, and a beautifully imagined tale. Roshani Chokshi does it again with this sequel, ensuring that I will now pick up anything she puts on paper. You can find Roshani Chokshi on Goodreads, on Twitter at @NotRashKnee and on Instagram at @roshanichokshi.

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