So Many Books, So Little Time

As a book blogger I obviously love to read, but sometimes my “to read” list grows faster than I can move through it, especially if I have a large stack of books to review and a deadline in which I need to review them by. I never feel like I’m drowning, but that wasn’t always the case.

In college I was an English major and that required a lot of reading a lot of the time. That was when I felt like the water was over my head the most. However, I found my own little tips and tricks to help myself read what I needed to in the time that it needed to be completed.

For instance, I read more than one book at a time and I split each book up into sections, whether that be by number of pages or chapters. I would do this by saying: “Okay I have seven days to read x-amount of pages.” So I would divide that amount of pages by the seven days and that what how much I had to read per day to complete the reading by the deadline. And I read every day. Take note: Every. Damn. Day.

Book Riot published an article with tips and tricks on how to read more, faster. Check it out here. Remember it’s okay to read more than one book at a time. You’re not cheating on the books and your mind can actually handle more than one plot line. Trust me, if I can read Edmund Spenser, James Joyce and Confucius all at once, you can read a couple of YA lit or contemporary novels at once too.

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