Review: “Alex & Eliza”

“Alex & Eliza” by Melissa de la Cruz

G. Putnam’s Sons, 368 pages, $17.99, April 2017, Goodreads


Melissa de la Cruz presents the charming colonial love story of one of America’s founding fathers and his beloved wife. While working as an aide-de-camp for General Washington, Alexander Hamilton is ordered to court martial General Philip Schuyler for the defeat at Fort Ticonderoga on the eve of the Schuyler’s grand ball. This is where he meets Elizabeth Schuyler the middle Schuyler sister, and although, at first, she is excited to meet him her excitement soon turns to disdain.  Alex on the other hand is completely taken with Eliza.

A couple years later, after General Schuyler is acquitted in front of a Congressional hearing, Eliza sets out to Morristown, New Jersey where she will work with her aunt and her husband as a nurse. Alex gets word of Eliza’s arrival and plans to accidentally meet her on her way into town. The rest, as they say, is history.

Cruz’s retelling of this romance is charming and brilliant. Both Alex and Eliza are likeable and real characters just trying to make their way during war and the birth of a new nation. Both are passionate and patriotic not only to their country but to their hearts, and it’s that mutual interest that brings them together.

The storytelling is simple and fun, moving a long at a quick pace making this novel an easy springtime read. Cruz makes it very easy to get caught up in the story of these young paramours, and at times I totally forgot I was reading a book at all. For those who love historical fiction this book is for you.

Among beautiful description, characterization, dialogue and plot is a lovely, heart-warming story about two young people finding there way in a new young country.

You can reach Melissa de la Cruz on Twitter at @MelissadelaCruz, on Instagram at @authormelissadelacruz and on Goodreads.

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