Review: “The Evaporation of Sofi Snow”

“The Evaporation of Sofi Snow” by Mary Weber

Thomas Nelson, 352 pages, June 6, 2017, $15.99, Goodreads


In Mary Weber’s science fiction novel, Sofi Snow is a talented gamer, hacker, coder, and all around technological savant. She lives in a world where a planet just appeared one day in Earth’s atmosphere. That planet, Delon, is home to an alien species called the Delonese. These aliens took a war-ravaged Earth and turned it into a prosperous planet with advancements in technology, medicine, and industry.

From that came the FanFights, a competition where teams of techs and a player in the field compete against other teams, and the winners are set for life. Sofi and her younger brother, Shiloh, are part of one such team with Sofi controlling the tech and Shiloh competing in the field. But when an explosion happens during one FanFight round, Shiloh is killed, but something doesn’t seem right to Sofi. She believes Shiloh was taken by the Delonese to their ice planet that sits above Earth. But what’s strange is that no one is allowed to go their except the ambassadors to Delon. So why did they take Shiloh?

She then enlists the help of her old flame, Miguel, a Delon ambassador to smuggle her onto a ship and take her to get her brother back, but things aren’t at all what they seem with the ice planet and its residents.

Unfortunately, for me this book was slow to start and quick to end. It took a long time for the action to happen and Weber spent a lot of time talking about hacking. It’s not until later in the story that Sofi gets to Delon, and I was hoping that came sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, though, the relationships between the various characters and their personalities is what kept me interested. I felt like they were very well rounded and I enjoyed who they were. I was laughing and smiling and also feeling for them as they go through this story.

I also really enjoyed the suspense that Weber creates with the truth behind Delon and their people. She would hint to it, but would never really come out and tell you what was going on, and normally, that would bug me, but I was satisfied in not knowing. So, when the time came that she revealed it I was presently hooked and surprised.

I recommend this book to anyone with a penchant for science fiction. If you can get past the slow start it’s definitely worth the read.

Mary Weber can be found on Twitter at @mchristineweber, on Instagram at @maryweberauthor and on Goodreads.

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