Review: “Roar”

“Roar” by Cora Carmack

Tor Teen, 380 pages, $17.99, June 13, Goodreads


This fantasy from Cora Carmack, is unique, entertaining and a very beautifully crafted read. Aurora is a princess born into a royal family who all have affinities for fighting storms; skyfire, twisters, hurricanes, etc. Except she was born without any of these powers. When her mother sets up a betrothal for her to a neighboring prince under the false guise that Rora has these powers, she will stop at nothing to find a way out of it.

Carmack’s fantasy is poignant and breath-taking, as well as is the way she describes it. This novel is just gorgeously written and I found myself sucked into every page, buried by the words and paragraphs. Well written descriptions of the setting and lifestyle of this fantasy world helped to put me in the story with Aurora and the other characters. It made it seem more realistic.

I also appreciate that Aurora is just another teenager who just so happens to live in this fairy tale world. She has all of the same problems as a teenager of her age and more. I liked experiencing her struggles alongside the other action in the story.

The imagined world itself is also unique. Aurora lives in a world where storms are living things. They have hearts and consciousnesses, and to me that was a new take on the fantasy genre. At first it was a bit hard to understand exactly how the world was set up, but it didn’t bother me because I felt like I was experiencing the confusion Aurora was experiencing. But by the end of the novel I had a better grasp as to how the world functioned just like Aurora had a better grasp on who she was.

I really recommend this book! It was such a delightful read, and I really enjoyed getting caught up in this world that Carmack has created. Anyone who loves fantasy will absolutely love this book.

Cora Carmack can be found on Twitter at @CoraCarmack, on Instagram at @coracarmack and on Goodreads.

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