Review: “The Suffering Tree”

“The Suffering Tree” by Elle Cosimano

Disney-Hyperion, 368 pages, $17.99, June 13th, Goodreads


This book by Elle Cosimano is a paranormal mystery that is not only beautifully told through two points of view, but also has a great character at the center of it all. Tori Burns moved to Chaptico, Maryland after her father died when a man from the small town left his house to her family. Unfortunately, the Slaughters, the family who’s land the property belonged to, don’t feel like Tori and her family belongs, and Tori can’t help but agree with them.

But one night, when Tori can’t sleep, she ventures down to the old cemetery on the property and witnesses the rising of a dead man named Nathaniel Bishop. Nathaniel was an indentured servant who was owned by a Slaughter ancestor back in the 1800’s. He’s back due to some black magic performed on his corpse and he’s there to set the record straight. The Slaughters are not to be trusted and it’s up to Tori to find out why and to find out why her family received their property.

First off, I would like to give a trigger warning about this book. It does involve some self-harm, so please be aware of that.

Other than that this book was a very fun read. The points of view switch between Nathaniel’s first person, as he accounts what happened to him back before his death, and third person omniscient during the present day. Both Tori and Nathaniel are great characters that are fully flushed out and dynamic.

I really loved the old pre-colonial witchy vibe that comes from the mystery at the heart of this story, and I loved the history that was involved on the other end as well. This book is definitely about getting back to your roots (Ha! get it?) and finding out who you are and whether or not that changes anything.

This book was a quick and entertaining read, with great characters, setting and pacing. And with the way that Cosimano ends this novel, I really hope she is planning on writing another one because I will definitely read it.

Elle Cosimano can be found on Twitter at @ElleCosimano, on Instagram at @ellecosimano, and on Goodreads.

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