About the Blog

I started this blog in 2016 as a way for me to explore my love of Young Adult fiction after I was hired at my current job as a book reviewer. Here I discuss and review books of various genres with a couple of non-YA fiction thrown in here and there. I also discuss various facets of pop culture such as television, movies, and music. I might even put a couple of my own works in progress up just for kicks.

About Me

Let’s see what can I tell you about me? I graduated from Roanoke College with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English and a concentration in Creative Writing in 2014. While there I started a poetry club and was a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Currently I work at The Roanoke Times newspaper as the calendar editor, a reporter, and the YA book reviewer. I will sometimes post links to my reviews for the newspaper here on my blog, so that you can check them out.

I am obsessed with television and some of my favorite shows are Lucifer, American Horror Story, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Doctor Who. I also love movies and I’m a huge fan of the Marvelverse even though I haven’t read any of the comics. I’ve recently been enslaved by the cultural phenomenon that is Pokemon Go and can’t stop walking around catching Mons. I have a boyfriend who accepts that my true loves are books and cats.

My Review Policy

Those look for a review please checkout the information below about my reading preferences.

Please note that I accept books for coverage consideration only. I do not guarantee a review. Coverage consideration is for this blog, The Roanoke Times, which goes through my editor, my social media channels, and any online or print publication I choose to submit my work to.

I do not respond to each individual review request. Some days I don’t even have time to brush my hair. I will, however; try my best to get back to you, but if I don’t and you don’t see an update on my blog or any of social media channels chances are I’m probably not going to review it.

I do not review ebooks, audiobooks, or self-published books. I do not edit, review or critique unpublished manuscripts. I am not obligated to review any book or uncorrected proof I request or receive.

Genres I like: Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, romance . . . Oh, who am I kidding? I love everything as long as it YA.

Series: I do not read series out of sequence. If you’d like me to review a book in a series, I ask that you provide copies of any preceding books.

Unsolicited books: I’m open to receiving unsolicited books that meet my review requirements, however; I do not promise to read or review any unsolicited books.

Blog Tours: I do not participate in blog tours and I do not participate in programs that require a review in exchange for a book.

You can pitch me here.


When I get various social media sites up and running to accompany this blog I’ll have them here for you to click on so that you can keep up with me.

However, if you’d like you can feel free to email me from the contact page.

So, if you’re ready to get on reading then let’s do this.